elizabethLedetElizabeth is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Biomechanics Coach, ACE Certified Wellness Coach, and Co-Owner of Waxing The City in the New Orleans Metro Area

I came to personal training after years of being a group fitness instructor. During that time, I also coached students individually to help them get the results they wanted. I learned from this experience that motivating people to challenge themselves is my passion.

I think my greatest strength as a trainer is that I have been in my clients’ shoes. I have personally worked through being out of shape and overweight, so I have empathy for the struggles that many people face. I have also had to work around a chronic injury, so I understand the difficulty of keeping up the fitness level I worked so hard to achieve when I had to limit my activity.

Every clients’ needs are unique, and my role is to develop an individual program that will help each person be their healthiest, fittest, most confident, best self. Physical fitness is a huge part of being on top of the game of life, but people are busy and often can’t find the time think it all through on their own. Leave that part up to me, and you can take care of the rest of your life.